La MaMa Blogs: 2014 @ La MaMa (in Pictures)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 @ La MaMa (in Pictures)

Here is a pictorial look 
at just a handful of shows 
that happened in 2014 @ La MaMa!

Peggy Shaw in RUFF

Black Out by Philippe Saire (Under The Radar Festival)

El Año en Que Nací by Lola Arias (Under The Radar Festival)

The Wong Kids In  The Secret Of The 
Space  Chupacabra Go! by Ma-Yi Theater

Rumore di acque 
(Noise in the Waters) 
by Marco Martinelli 

Captain John Smith Goes to Ukraine by Yara Arts Group

What I learned from 
a decade of fear by Aluna Theatre

Bum Philips: All-American Opera by Monk Parrots

Zachary Karabashliev's Lissabon

THE MAIDEN by Nerve Tank

 DJ Spooky's Seoul Counterpoint by Culturehub

Theodora Skipitares' The Chairs

Myth or Meth by Radiohole 

Catherine Filloux's Selma 65

Tempest directed by Karin Coonrod (part of the Tempest 3 series)

The Elephant in Every Room I Enter 
written and performed by Gardner Comfort

AdA: Author directing Author 
by Neil LaBute and Marco Calvani 

Dead End Dummy by Dick Zigun 

Mokwha Repertory Company's The Tempest 
(part of the Tempest 3 series)

Motus Theatre Company's Nella Tempesta
(part of the Tempest 3 series)

We'll see you in 2015
@ LaMaMa

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