La MaMa Blogs: August 2022

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

How to Remake A World?

In this moment there is an urgent need to consider the many ways we can remake a world. We must come together, connect, and create a movement that unifies and propels all of us forward toward a more just world.

Please share your ideas through a quick video, an image, text, a sample of your work or all of the above to share with La MaMa's worldwide community on social media and/or our website.

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Most people are right- or left-handed.

Most people are right- or left-minded

But for "right" or "left" to be "right" or "wrong" branded

Is like being right- or left-blinded.

People pretend to live up to

The rules (right or left) of their preference,

But the opposite urge they eventually give up to.

Priests end up promiscuous, for reference,

And pot- poets wind up billionaire producers.

Speaking of billionares, that one that followed his dream of Mars-reaching

Got lots of Fed loot to do it, which is sociaism to you, sirs.

Who's got my I Ching?


Actor John-Andrew Morrison 
(La MaMa Alumnus and Tony Nominee, A Strange Loop)


Ping Chong, director, choreographer


La MaMa is dedicated to the artist and all aspects of the theatre. La MaMa’s 61st “Remake A World” Season believes in the power of art to bring sustainable change over time and transform our cultural narrative.  At La MaMa, new work is created from a multiplicity of perspectives, experiences, and disciplines, influencing how we think about and experience art. The flexibility of our spaces, specifically the newly reimagined building at 74 East 4th Street (La MaMa’s original permanent home), gives our local and remote communities access to expanded daytime programming. The digital tools embedded in the space allows artists to collaborate remotely, and audiences worldwide to participate in La MaMa’s programming.