La MaMa Blogs: November 2020

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Artistic Directors’ International Online Meetings

 Artistic Directors’ International Online Meetings



Artistic Directors’ International Online Meetings


Broadcast from Nov 24th Dec 6th 2020, for free 

Available in both Japanese and English

TMT website:


Session1 (English (Japanese



As the host panelist from Japan, Hideki Noda of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre joins the talk.

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre(TMT) organize “Artistic Directors International Online Meeting” as a special edition of TMT Autumn Selection of Tokyo Festival. Tokyo Festival have decided to hold the festival this year, in the belief that an international performing arts festival is needed to prevent Tokyo from closing its diverse circuits. Therefore, as a part of the festival, TMT specially invite world leading artists and directors with whom TMT planned to work together this year or with whom TMT have a strong bond, to get together online and hold hot discussion. Hideki Noda, the artistic director of TMT will join as the host panelist. Such a gorgeous gathering which would not have been realized if it is nor for this occasion, will extend the exciting talk. 2 sessions of online discussion will be held with ZOOM, and the recording will be streamed for about two weeks.

SESSION 1:   Theatre artists about our times

The world’s leading directors discuss how the theatre of our times will survive this situation. Throughout history, theatre has experienced similarly difficult moments: plague, shutdowns, lockdowns. In the times of Shakespeare, for example. Can such disasters redefine it or not?

Guest Panelists

Didier Deschamps (Théâtre National de Chaillot)

Thomas Ostermeier (Schaubühne)

Ivo Van Hove (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)

Host Panelist

Hideki Noda (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)


Octavian Saiu (theatre critic)

SESSION2: The present and the future of Art Festivals

The modern festival culture started after WWII, in a ruined world, when festivals became platforms of joy. What can we learn from this crisis and how could art festivals fulfill this mission again now? What is the role of international art festivals now?

Guest Panelist

Constantin Chiriac(Sibiu International Festival)

Yi-Ruu Liu(National Theater and Concert Hall, Taipei)

Host Panelist

Hideki Noda(Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)


Octavian Saiu(theatre critic)

Video messages from:

Mark Ball(Manchester International Festival),

Tisa Ho(Hong Kong Arts Festival),

Damien Jalet(choreographer),

Robert Lepage(director, playwright, actor. Ex Machina),

Silviu Purcarete(director),

Mia Yoo(Artistic Director, La MaMa)