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Monday, April 4, 2016

Introductions at La MaMa Galleria

For this Introductions, Roberto Juarez and eight of his colleagues will each introduce an artist of their choosing to the gallery. The show focuses on visual and spatial conversations between artists working at different stages of their careers, and through this contrast mixes genres and ideas. Some of the artist pairs are in close dialogue with one another, and they present their work with this relationship in mind. Others have chosen to make work that stands on its own. Through the show’s hanging, Juarez encourages new and surprising associations within this artistic community to emerge.

We asked these visual artists to describe why they chose to introduce their specific artist to La MaMa Galleria. These are the pairings currently on display at 47 Great Jones Street until April 10th!
Introductions comprises eighteen artists:
John Ahearn → Devon Rodriguez
Robert Bordo → Jared Buckhiester
Jane Dickson → Charlotte Becket
Inka Essenhigh → Ali Miller
Michael Glier → Derek Stroup
Roberto Juarez → Nic Freberg Morgan
Jack Pierson → Bradford Teasdale
Kiki Smith → Angela Conant
Barbara Takenaga → Beverly Acha

Inka Essenhigh on Ali Miller

I first met Ali Miller when I was a guest lecturer at MICA, where I saw a strange and complete split among the males and female painters. All the guys were doing big abstract work and all the girls were making fantastical narrative art. leading the charge was Ali! And I was impressed by the way she couldn't help but be herself.

Mike Glier on Derek Stroup

Derek Stroup is a fine thinker who likes to make things. He also has a good sense of humor and he is very tolerant of nonsense. He lives in a body in which the mind and the flesh are integrated into one reactive, feeling being that can hold opposing thoughts without too much dissonance. His artwork is just like him.

Roberto Juarez on Nic Freberg Morgan

I selected Nic Freberg Morgan for "Introductions" because, as my studio assistant, I have had the opportunity to witness his development as an artist very closely through the years. Recently, he started making these intricate drawings that have a strong graphic quality that when inspected closely are delicate, complex, emotional and powerful in a very original way. Early on, I was struck by his abstract paintings that he started in my studio that successfully combined many layers and surfaces to arrive at compositions that were direct and unexpected.  As well as his videos where he was able to translate his ideas about painting in a time based medium using music and editing to arrive at something that was as successful as his paintings, which is a very difficult thing to do. 

Galleria: Introductions

March 17 - April 10, 2016

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment

La MaMa Galleria | 47 Great Jones St.

Free Admission

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