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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cherchez La Femme opens in May

August Darnell (a/k/a Kid Creole of Kid Creole and the Coconuts) and Vivienne Goldman (one of the founding members of The Flying Lizards) have written a new musical called CHERCHEZ LA FEMME set in New York City and the Caribbean in the 1980s.

In the mid - 80’s, in New York, there was no hotter band than Kid Creole and the Coconuts, featuring August Darnell. Darnell, who wa s in the Grammy - nominated band Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (managed by Tommy Mottola , no less), had a major radio hit with “Cherchez La Femme.” They played at all the premiere NYC clubs at the time like the much - missed Hurrah’s and Jerry Brandt’s The Ritz. They opened up for the B52’s on their first national tour. They were a true New York favorite. August also produced and co - wrote (1977) Machine’s ground - breaking hit “There But For The Grace Of God Go I.” 

Even though Kid Creole were popular in the U. S. , they became huge in Europe and continued so for years, notching hit after hit, like “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy,” “Stool Pigeon,” “Endicott,” and, “I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby” – which was a Top 40 hit here in the U. S. on radio – and the band wen t onto to record 11 albums. Now, the Bronx - born Darnell has returned to New York where he has written a play with Vivien Goldman entitled Cherchez La Femme; opening on May 23 at La Mama in the East Village in NYC. The play features several Darnell classics as well as new material. Darnell, who co - authored a play (with Eric Overmeyer) in 1989 called In a Pig’s Valise (boldly praised by the New York Times ), is finally realizing a life - long dream: “I watch Guys & Dolls twice a year and have always loved the E sther Williams - classics; I’ve wanted to do this for years and with Vivien’s invaluable assistance, it has now become a reality.” 

Vivien Goldman, who the BBC dubbed "The Punk Professor" for her teaching at NYU's Tisch school, says: “From learning musicals i n the Library in London to seeing our show onstage get the audience laughing and grooving on the Lower East Side, Cherchez La Femme is a wild ride that could only have come about because of August's particular vision -- and the downtown N. Y. creative ene rgy he helped unleash in the early 80’s, when the show is set. His work impacted me then as I was writing NME covers about him. Now, it is smashing to see those bold, deep dreams take shape and happen, especially at La Mama, which is so much a part of down town NY creativity."

Tickets now on sale, including La MaMa's 10@$10 Tickets for all performances.

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