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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Villager: Shakespeare Everywhere You Look

Scott Stiffler looks at the many Shakespeare an Shakespeare-inspired productions happening all over the city this Fall, including Dario D'Ambrosi's HAMLET HALLUCINATIONS running through Sunday at La MaMa:
“Hamlet Hallucinations” is a radical interpretation of the melancholy (and possibly mad) Dane. It’s the latest from former Italian soccer star Dario D’Ambrosi — whose Pathological Theater teaches acting and stagecraft to those with mental illness (and whose productions address their perspectives). Performed entirely in English, with a script that includes selections of the Bard’s soliloquies, this “Hamlet” is set in the graveyard — with D’Ambrosio as the gravedigger/storyteller. Giacomo Rocchini plays Hamlet as an obsessive, phobic, Oedipal young man who hears voices and processes thought as a schizophrenic would. Mauro F. Cardinali plays Ophelia and Hamlet’s father, mother and uncle — keeping the audience guessing as to who’s doing the hallucinating, and which character (if any of them) has a true grip on reality.

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 For info and tickets for HAMLET HALLUCINATIONS: Click Here

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