La MaMa Blogs: Coffeehouse Chronicles #115: Joseph Chaikin “Cup of Joe”

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffeehouse Chronicles #115: Joseph Chaikin “Cup of Joe”

A new season of Coffeehouse Chronicles kicks off on Saturday, October 19th with Joseph Chaikin: “Cup of Joe”.

Curated by Michel Gamily and Wayne Maugans, Joseph Chaikin: “Cup of Joe” panelists will include: 

Jean-Claude van Itallie
Bill Coco

Paul Zimet
Ellen Maddow
Harry Mann
Jun Maeda
Mark Hall Amitin
Beverly Emmons
Wayne Maugans
Nancy Gabor
Anders Cato

There will also be performances of:

Savage Love
(4 short pieces – 10 minutes)
Performed by Harry Mann & Clea Rivera / Created by Joseph Chaikin and Sam Shepard

The Serpent
(10 minutes of work in progress)
Directed by Tina Shepard / performed by students from NYU’s ETW studio.

Admission is free, but the hat is passed in keeping with the coffeehouse tradition.

For more info: Click Here

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