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Friday, March 23, 2018

Video: Meet the cast of SEAGULLMACHINE

The cast of SEAGULLMACHINE - Why are you an artist? from Samovar Film Productions on Vimeo.

The Assembly comes to La MaMa in April with the world premiere of SEAGULLMACHINE - a mashup of Anton Chekhov and Heiner Müller.

Russia 1896. Germany 1977. USA 2018.
In a world gone mad, when do you take arms against the sea of troubles?

A diverse, multigenerational ensemble takes refuge in an abandoned theater. Caught in an endless rehearsal, they struggle with the pull between action and distraction on a planet where waters rise, wages stagnate, and visionary leaders are nowhere to be found. The Assembly’s newest performance smashes together two iconic riffs on the Hamletstory – Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull and Heiner Muller’s Hamletmachine – combining theatrical realism, immersive staging, live video, poetry, comedy and tragedy to excavate the legacy of 20th- century drama in the light of the present-day, and ask: What’s the good of making theater anyway?
“I can’t stand what she calls ‘theatre.’ She sees a temple,
a place of sacred art for the benefit of all humanity;
I see a rotten building with a foundation of
convention and prejudice.”
The Seagull
“My drama, if it still would happen, would happen
in the time of the uprising.”

Tickets now on sale, including La MaMa's 10 @ $10 Tickets for all performances!

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