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Thursday, November 14, 2019

6 Questions: Philip Treviño

1. What does the world of Virgo Star look like? 
For me, what we are creating is a world that takes elements from the Wild West and then contextualize them through a Queer viewpoint. We are using stereotypical representations as seen in Old Western Films in order to bring imagery familiar to the audience and then incorporating that imagery in a Pop Fetish sort of way. In this hyper-world, the hope is that the heart and harshness of the world will expose a new viewpoint for the audience.

2. What do you hope audiences leave thinking? 
I hope that the audience leaves thinking that they found the work entertaining and thought-provoking; that despite the mythos that has formed around the American Cowboy there is much more beneath the surface.

3. How can you explode the myth of the American Cowboy? 
I think presenting multiple voices of different viewpoints will help explode this myth. There were Women, L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+., and people from various cultural backgrounds that were part of the reality of this period in history who are often written out or made into stereotypes.

4. Do you have a favorite Western movie? 
It's really hard for me to pin down a favorite, but I think The Misfits and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by John Huston are excellent. Blazing Saddles could work for this too...

5. What makes Virgo Star different from other Pioneers Go East Collective productions? 
Some of our most recent pieces have really thought about the way our work relates to the space beyond the theatrically typical setup and I think that this piece will further that experience for the audience.

6. What does working at La MaMa mean to you? 
Working at La MaMa, a historically and culturally significant space for Experimental Theatre, is thrilling for me beyond words as I can only hope that the work and voice that I bring to Pioneers Go East Collective can help continue the traditions of presenting challenging and exciting work for audiences of today.


Virgo Star
November 14 - December 01, 2019
$25 Tickets; $20 Student/Senior Tickets [+$1 Facility Fee]

World Premiere
By Pioneers Go East Collective

Virgo Star explores and explodes the myth of the American Cowboy. An underground, kinetic ride through the Cowboy myths performed from a queer perspective, this dance-theatre work fuses personal storytelling and movement to re-create scenes from Western Movies.

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