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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Chasing the New White Whale Video Preview

In an ambitious new production—using Melville’s 19th-century monster as a metaphor for the modern plague of opioid addiction, playwright Michael Gorman explores the ruinous effects of the epidemic on the commercial fishing industry. CHASING THE NEW WHITE WHALE follows the plight of legendary New England fishing Captain Robby Foerster and his boat The Northern Star as he falls deeply into addiction after a fateful first encounter with heroin. Drawing inspiration from Moby Dick, the play connects Robby's addiction with Ahab’s obsessive pursuit of the Great White Whale, and re-imagines Captain Ahab's final thrilling chase in Moby Dick.

Featuring a mythical chorus of ghostly whale hunters and modern day commercial fishermen inspired by Ahab's stowaway crew—"Fedallah and the Phantoms"— Chasing The New White Whale explores the current National opioid crisis through the unique lens of the commercial fishing industry.

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by Mike Gorman, La MaMa's Playwright in Residence

Following a performance in Maine, an audience member and commercial fisherman named Robby spoke with the playwright about his own struggles with addiction and how the performance impacted him. Robby shares the namesake of the hero of my play—Captain Robby Foerster, played by Akan Barnes Netherton:


Chasing the New White Whale
November 24 - December 09, 2018

Ellen Stewart Theatre | 66 East 4th Street (2nd Floor)
Thursday to Saturday at 7PM; Monday, Nov 26th at 7PM; Sunday at 3PM
Run Time: 2 Hours (with a 15 minute intermission)

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