La MaMa Blogs: 2018 Letter from Mia Yoo

Monday, August 20, 2018

2018 Letter from Mia Yoo

A Letter from Mia Yoo, Artistic Director of La MaMa

Photo from the 2018 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall

Dear Friends,

La MaMa is an artistic community. It is this community and its artists who give us direction and shape our legacy. The artists grapple with social and political issues in their sharing of multiple perspectives and stories, shedding light on the injustices around us. The work of these artists continues to move me, and in these challenging times, there is an urgency for the questions and issues they provoke to go beyond the walls of the theatre. 

" ... more ways for artists to interface with our community and educational programs ... "

This season we explore how to generate greater impact with the artists’ work. We are creating more ways for artists in the season to interface with our community and educational programs. The content of many of the productions is being developed and devised in communities outside of the studio and outside of NYC. We will continue to expand our livestreaming program with online talkbacks, produce a podcast looking at how cultural organizations function in a city, and tour La MaMa’s projects and productions. 

" ... artists have the power to create change ... "

Strengthening our engagement with our local, national, and international communities is how I believe our artists have the power to create change. Our founder, Ellen Stewart, had a “one world” vision where we are all interconnected, and this was expressed through the art. This vision emanates from within the theatres and ultimately can go beyond its walls to reimagine how the arts can transform people and communities. 

Artistic Director

Brochure cover of Gunnar Montana in Kink Haus

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