La MaMa Blogs: Artistic Director Mia Yoo on La MaMa's 56th Season

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Artistic Director Mia Yoo on La MaMa's 56th Season

Dear Friends, 

There is an urgent need for the voices of the artists of our 56th Season to be shared.

Throughout the season the histories and narratives of marginalized voices in America and around the world are explored.

I have been inspired by the writings of American philosopher Richard Rorty, who I learned about while working on the upcoming Great Jones Rep/Motus collaboration. In Rorty’s utopia, personal narratives build solidarity “by increasing our sensitivity to the particular details of the pain and humiliation of other, unfamiliar sorts of people.”

Storytelling is powerful. Reality is often too complicated and stories give us a way to process, question, and shape how we think about each other.

I hope that you will join us at La MaMa as we bear witness to these stories.

Artistic Director

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About The Cover 

Our 56th Season celebrates the creative and collective histories of La MaMa with the publication of Ellen Stewart Presents: Fifty Years ofLa MaMa Experimental Theatre by Cindy Rosenthal which traces the evolution of La MaMa through its poster art. Throughout the season we will be investigating this history by creating new designs inspired by La MaMa’s past.

This fall our cover was inspired by the poster (below) for the 1967 production of Futz by Rochelle Owens, directed by Tom O’Horgan, poster design by Conrad Ward.

Cover Photo Montage of Belarus Free Theatre Burning Doors
Photos by Alex Brenner and Nicolai Khalezin

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