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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letter from Nicky Paraiso, La MaMa Moves! Curator

Welcome to La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, now in its twelfth season!

In these perilous, challenging and unpredictable times in our country and in the world, we can look to the performing arts for some clues as to how we might respond and continue to live our lives with vigilance, and hopefully a modicum of wisdom, to keep asking even more vital and bold questions. I believe this to be one of the essential missions of art and art-making, to hold a mirror up to the world and its ever-present and changing dilemmas. 
We celebrate La MaMa’s 55th Season with an exuberant Block Party on Saturday May 20th and also mark the 12th year of La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival (May 18-June 4, 2017) with a series of dance directives which hopefully engage dancemakers and dance audiences to respond and make their own dances. Within this season’s festival, we witness different generations of choreographic artists dealing with the actual day-to-day contemporary, political, social, and ecological challenges that we face in our world. 
We continue our collaboration with international companies and include the vibrant, kinetic, and viscerally powerful work of locally-based contemporary choreographers, including those who originally arrived here from international locales, e.g., Brazil, Cambodia, India, Korea, the Philippines, Poland, UK, Venezuela, as well as Caribbean cultures. As in previous seasons, we invite you, the audience, to once again share and experience with us the visionary talent, diversity, physical virtuosity, and deep, compelling concerns of all the artists participating in La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival 2017.

Much love to all, 

Nicky Paraiso, La MaMa Moves! Curator


La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival
May 18 - June 4, 2017
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