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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Press is IN for The God Project!

"superbly convincing...ambitious multimedia play with puppets...theatrical magic"
~ Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times


"Lone Wolf Tribe’s raucous cosmic exploration is a morbid fairytale set in a desolate paradise where God is a lonely old man searching for a secret he had forgotten....Kevin Augustine does a stunning job physicalizing the aging God with hyper-realistic prosthetics. The set design by Tom Lee thoroughly complements the style of the show, and transforms La Mama’s Ellen Stewart Theatre into an eerie apocalyptic wonderland. While there are structural flaws in this production, The God Projekt is a bold theatrical statement that explores a question that is ancient and relevant. The creators’ efforts in searching beyond canon should be celebrated and emulated."
by Ran Xia, Theatre Is Easy


"hellishly funny satire of a beneficent Father in the Judeo-Christian strain...Augustine turns in a commandingly versatile performance...If you’ve ever had a problem with the notion of a benevolent Father and wanted to raise a middle finger to the Heavens, The God Projekt might be the answer to your prayers."
~ Molly Grogan, Exeunt Magazine


"Through use of simple props and quietly magical effects this is set in motion in a way which takes an angry, perceptive, hilarious, gloomy narrative to an unexpectedly, unforgettable moving conclusion — or at least a new beginning of possibility; The God Projekt is an open-ended testament worth trusting."

Adam McGovern, HiLoBrow

"dazzling puppetry can't quite conceal some of the darker pulses roiling beneath its busy surface. Not for nothing hasVoice critic Helen Shaw called The God Projekt 'one of the most startlingly intense shows I've seen.'"
~ Danny King, Village Voice


"Augustine's performance as God is captivating and powerful. His physicality and storytelling is incredible and the power duo of Einhorn and Ausustine direct the tale and frames the work with the careful grace of two master storytellers...Grade: A"
~ Mateo Moreno, The Artswire Weekly


La MaMa in association with 

Untitled Theater Company No. 61 presents



By Lone Wolf Tribe
Conceived by Kevin Augustine
Co-written and Co-directed by Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn

September 30 - October 16, 2016
Thursday - Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 4pm 
- additional performance on Monday Oct. 3 at 7pm

Tickets: $30 Adults/$25 Students/Seniors

For Tickets and Info: CLICK HERE

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