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Thursday, September 1, 2016

6 Questions: Kevin Augustine

Kevin Augustine returns to La MaMa with The God Projekt, September 30 - October 16th. Originally produced as part of the 2013 La MaMa Puppet Series, this revised "second coming" of the show has been redesigned for The Ellen Stewart Theatre.  Kevin took time out from rehearsals to answer our 6 Questions.

1. What was the inspiration for making The God Projekt?

It was based on an earlier Lone Wolf Tribe play I wrote in 2008, BRIDE. I wanted to tell a more intimate version of that story- the forgotten partnership between the Jewish God, Yahweh and the local Cannanite Goddess, Asherah. The essence of my curiosity was to peer outside the frame of certain belief systems we habitually take for granted. Growing up in a religious family, I wanted to explore Christianity's origins. It was a revelation when I first discovered that Judaism, Islam and Christianity all share the same origin story. It was a further revelation that long predating Judaism, for thousands of years God was considered a woman and not a man.

2. What questions does the play raise?

What implications arise from a religious belief system that centers on a male deity, i.e.. "The Father"? What global consequences can be attributed to such a choice when billions of worshipers elevate the male over the female as the 'creator of life'? What can be done to bring balance to our ideological differences? Is it not time for a change? Can we do better?

3. You originally presented The God Projekt at La MaMa Puppet Series in 2013, how has it changed?

We have reworked the script to tighten the narrative; I've fleshed out the character relationships in the play and added two puppeteers as well as additional puppets and props. We have also integrated a multi-media element with video footage of God's VHS archives along with a live camera feed. Lastly, the set design of God's heavenly office is on a much grander and more eerie scale.

4. Who has inspired you?

People working for peace through non-violent means. Old time circus clowns.

5. What was the last good book you read?

Non Violent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg

6. What does working at La MaMa mean to you?

Performing at La MaMa has always been an artistic ambition of mine. It is a dream come true to finally have the opportunity to perform in the Ellen Stewart Theatre! I am truly appreciative to be counted among the countless artists who have been given a temporary artistic home here. 

La MaMa in association with 

Untitled Theater Company No. 61 presents


By Lone Wolf Tribe
Conceived by Kevin Augustine
Co-written and Co-directed by Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn

September 30 - October 16, 2016
Thursday - Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 4pm 
- additional performance on Monday Oct. 3 at 7pm

Tickets: $30 Adults/$25 Students/Seniors; ten tickets priced at $10 each are available for every performance as part of La MaMa's 10@$10 ticketing initiative

For Tickets and Info: CLICK HERE

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