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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Portraits of People on the Move: Personal Stories of Immigration at La MaMa

"Supper, People on the Move is about mobility and decisions moving you: an action starts with a clear intention and it is carried away by a tide of impulses.
-Silvana Cardell, choreographer
From choreographer Silvana Cardell, a new dance performance inspired by themes of migration, Supper, People on the Move explores the complex experience of dislocation. 
A photography installation, curated by artist Jennifer Baker, chronicles the stories of immigrants who came to the United States from all around the world. Several beautiful photographs of immigrants and their families living in the Philadelphia area are hung on the walls above text of their personal experiences. 
You can view the installation before and after the performances of Supper, People on the Move during the La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival in The Downstairs. A large book with more photographs and longer stories is also available to look through during the exhibition.

Giovanni Casadei from Italy

Physical bodies moving between physical places define migration, and the immigrant journey is at the heart of humanity’s ability to survive. These photographs chronicle the personal experiences of immigrants from a diversity of countries including Japan, Italy, Iraq, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, and more! 

CLICK HERE for more information about the project which started in Philadelphia.

Maria Jose, Angie, Dani from Ecuador

The dance by Cardell Dance Theatre is an examination of the human experience of all people on the move, looking for new horizons. From this rich and fertile history Cardell creates evocative forms of movement—abstract, personal, universal—performed with unrelenting physicality and striking moments of beauty.

Silvana Cardell, the choreographer, and two of the dancers in the performance (Maria Urrutia & Adrian Plascencia) are themselves immigrants from Latin America. Their personal stories are included in Jennifer's installation with their photographs and details of their migration to the United States.

Maria Urrutia from Cuba

Adrian Plascencia from Mexico

Photos by Jennifer Baker

Cardell Dance Theater | Supper, people on the Move

May 14 - May 15, 2016

Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 7pm

Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street

Adult: $25 / Student & Seniors: $20 - limited availability, advance purchase recommended

Click HERE for more information and tickets

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