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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coffeehouse Chronicles #120: Judith Malina

In conjunction with her appearance in Theodora Skipitares's adaptation of THE CHAIRS, Coffeehouse Chronicles #120 on Saturday, May 31st, will focus on Judith Malina.  

Malina is an actress, writer, director, and co-founder of the Living Theater. Founded in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater by Judith Malina, the German-born student of Erwin Piscator, and Julian Beck, an abstract expressionist painter of the New York School, The Living Theatre has staged nearly a hundred productions performed in eight languages in 28 countries on five continents – a unique body of work that has influenced theater the world over. A life long pacifist, anti death penalty activist and self-described leader of “the beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution”, Judith Malina’s work has continually challenged the forms, content and style of the theatre and its relationship to and with the audience. 

Evangeline Morphos (moderator)
George Bartenieff 
Karen Malpede
Cindy Rosenthal
Tom Walker
Penny Arcade
Mark Hall Amitin

- Excerpts from Judith Malina’s play No Place to Hide / performed the Living Theatre Ensemble
- Excerpts from Julian Beck’s book The Life of the the Theatre / performed by alumni of Hostra University
- Songs from Judith Malina’s plays The History of the World (music by Sheila Dabney) and Korach (music by Steve Taylor) / performed by Thomas Walker
- Musical performance by Sheila Dabney
- Reading by Judith Malina

La MaMa presents
Chronicles #120: 
Judith Malina

Series Director: Michal Gamily
Educational Outreach:  Arthur Adair

Saturday, May 31st @ 3pm

The Club @ La MaMa
74 East 4th Street
(between Bowery and Second Avenue)
New York, NY 10003

(But the hat will be passed in keeping with the Coffeehouse tradition)

For Tickets and Reservations: Click Here

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