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Monday, September 9, 2013

Fabulous Quotes From Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras was a French writer and film director, who's La Vie Matérielle (as well as Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own) is the basis for Irina Brook's upcoming Shakespeare's Sister (or La Vie Matérielle) at La MaMa. 

We've found some fabulous quotes (with the help of attributed to Duras that we's like to share: 
"Alcohol doesn't console, it doesn't fill up anyone's psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of God. It doesn't comfort man. On the contrary, it encourages him in his folly, it transports him to the supreme regions where he is master of his own destiny."

"In love there are no vacations. No such thing. Love has to be lived fully with its boredom and all that." 
"Journalism without a moral position is impossible. Every journalist is a moralist. It's absolutely unavoidable."

"Heterosexuality is dangerous. It tempts you to aim at a perfect duality of desire."

"The best way to fill time is to waste it."

Come see Irina Brook's 
Shakespeare's Sister (or La Vie Matérielle) 
at The Ellen Stewart Theatre.

September 20 – October 6, 2013

Tickets are $25 for adults; $20 for students and seniors; a limited number of $10 tickets are availavle as part of La MaMa's 10 @ $10 initiative.

For tickets call 212-475-7710 or Click Here.

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