Thursday, June 30, 2016

NY Times: Meryl Streep, Diane Lane and Others on the Legacy of Elizabeth Swados

Eric Grode did a fantastic piece on Elizabeth Swados in The New York Times in conjunction with several projects that are currently happening, including productions of Runaways and Nightclub Cantata and the posthumous publication of her novel, Walking The Dog.

Randy Ruiz and Diane Lane in the original Off Broadway production of “Runaways.” 
Credit Martha Swope/Billy Rose Theater Division, NYPL for the Performing Arts      

"Her knowledge and precision in pronunciation of the ancient Greek texts were invaluable to everyone. There were sounds involved that are not part of the English language at all. She had confidence in her gut and in the guttural!" 
- Diane Lane

" For mentors to be truly great, they need to get something out of the relationship as well. And I think she really fed off working with young people. She had the drive and the energy and the curiosity of a teenager in many ways. And unlike many of us directors who sit behind the table and ask others to do crazy [stuff], she would be the first one on her feet doing it. She was the first one to be vulnerable." 
- Trip Cullman

Elizabeth Swados in 1991. Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times       

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