La MaMa Blogs: Culturebot Talks to Alexandra Beller

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Culturebot Talks to Alexandra Beller

La MaMa Moves! 2015 may have ended, but the press keeps coming. Maura Donohue talked to Alexandra Beller about milkdreams which played The Ellen Stewart Theatre from June 11th through the 21st, 2015:

"I knew pretty early on that, done well, the work could offer a sense of transcending traditional time and space values. I always felt extremely blessed out, as if my nervous system had been reset, after watching a run. I was aware that I was asking people to view with fewer expectations, and to slow down some of their habitual ways of responding and defining what they see. Part of my goal was to create a environment in which people could really SEE the miracle of the body as it is, as we all are, rather than the pyrotechnics of what a few of us can do."

Read the full interview: HERE