Wednesday, November 12, 2014

THE SEAGULL at La MaMa is canceled due to flooding in Serbia.

A flooded area is seen in Obrenovac, Serbia. (AP Photo)

We are saddened to announce that the Serbian National Theatre will not be able to bring their production of THE SEAGULL to La MaMa this season, due to the financial difficulties caused by the recent natural disasters.

In May of this year, cyclone Tamara caused massive flooding and landslides in Serbia (as well as in Bosnia), and according to the BBC,  "Serbia's flood damage has been estimated as high as 1.5 billion Euros ($2 billion)." Funding that would otherwise go to the arts is now, necessarily, being used to provide aid for Serbians after this terrible natural disaster.

We decided to designate our '13-'14 season our "MaMa Earth" season after witnessing the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the daily lives of New Yorkers. The rising incidence of catastrophic weather events impacts everyone, in all places. We are all on Mama Earth together.