Sunday, April 27, 2014

Front Row Center on Pagbabalik

George Crowley of Front Row Center gives Kinding Sindaw's Pagbabalik 5-STARS:
"LaMaMa is the most extraordinary place. Our country may have no Ministry of Culture (except, unofficially, for ITI and the NEA) and no ongoing governmental commitment to the arts, but we have and have, for some time, had LaMama, where international boundaries of culture and tradition vanish, where the late Ellen Stewart was historically able to bring all manner of extraordinarily financed and visa’d artists to these shores, beyond the pale of what we all knew to be commercial or even commercially viable. The tradition continues. The Kinding Sindaw Melayu Heritage group is an ongoing resident artist group at LaMaMa ETC, founded over 20 years ago by Artistic Director Potri Ranka Manis to assert and reclaim her indigenous culture and empower and educate Filipinos through the use of ancient art forms."
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