Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Under The Radar Festival @ La MaMa

This week brings two Under The Radar Festival shows to The Ellen Stewart Theatre!


We watch, from above, as thousands of black granulated fragments transform the dancers’ world into a moving, pictorial composition, that jars as it shifts in response to the light, sound, and movement. Evoking a strong sense of unexpected loss that examines the fragility of existence as well as the serendipity of life, Black Out contemplates the randomness of mortality in a world of genocide, disease, epidemics, and senseless violence.

Algerian-born Swiss choreographer and visual artist Philippe Saire created his company in the region of Lausanne, Switzerland, where he went on to develop his own creative repertoire. His work has actively propelled the emergence of contemporary dance and art in Switzerland.

Friday 1/10, 5:30pm
Friday 1/10, 7pm
Saturday 1/11, 2pm
Saturday 1/11, 4pm
Sunday 1/11, 4:30pm
Sunday 1/11, 6pm

All Tickets: $20

For Tickets and Info: Click Here


El Año en que Nací

With the youthful energy of a new generation, and bolstered by original live music, eleven Chileans born under Pinochet’s dictatorship take to the stage to reconcile a collective history. Somewhere between stunt doubles and historians, they don their parents’ clothes and reconstruct their past from photos, letters, and recordings in this raw and honest act of storytelling.

Lola Arias is a writer, theater director, and performer from Argentina. Her works dance on the edge of fiction and reality - working with both actors and non-actors, her unique style of documentary theater draws performances from the people who actually experienced the reality portrayed.

Wednesday 1/8, 7pm
Thursday 1/9, 8pm
Friday 1/10, 9:30pm
Saturday 1/11, 6:30pm*
Sunday 1/12, 1:30pm
Monday 1/13, 6:30pm

All Tickets: $20

For Tickets and Info: Click Here