Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tuesday Project

In addition to Chiori Miyagawa's play, I CAME TO LOOK FOR YOU ON TUESDAY, that will debut at La MaMa's First Floor Theatre on September 26th, there is also a Street Art project that is incorporated into the larger Tuesday Project.

According to their website:
Street Art Project is designed to provoke curiosity in passersby. Beautifully made prints by artist James Bayard show organic materials in the background such as stones and leaves; in the foreground is text. The text comes from the play I Came to Look for You on Tuesday or a quote from one of the reunion salons. The single line on the print does not make narrative sense. It’s intended to be a puzzling incantation.

Every two weeks from June through August, a new print by artist James Bayard with different text went up guerilla-style at regular intervals at four locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The hope was that  people who passed these construction walls notice that new prints were posted every two weeks and look forward to them—to enjoy the beauty and mystery.

Here is a sampling of the work:

You can see more photos and lear more about the project on their website